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Teaching a Dog to Sit

Put the food reward in your closed fist and say the word ‘sit’ as you pass your hand over the end of the dog’s nose, over its head and toward it’s hind end. Usually what happens is when the dog’s head goes up, the rear end goes down.

When the dog’s behind hits the ground, give the food reward immediately and PRAISE. Repeat.

Once the dog is regularly sitting every time you lure him, start saying ‘sit’ and using the hand signal for sit (open hand moving from resting position at your side to being bent 180 degrees at elbow).

Continue to PRAISE and give the food reward immediately, every time the dog sits. 


Worm Information

Does your companion have worms?
If so, there are several different types of worms and some of them do require a prescription from your Veterinarian.

See Worm Chart

If you suspect your companion has worms, HALO recommends a Veterinarian check your companion prior to treatment.



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