"Spay / Neuter Incentive Program"

FYI, as of July 2023 our SNIP program has been temporarily discontinued due to lack of funds. 

ONLY through your donations can HALO continue with this initiative.  

Together we are making a difference!

To date, HALO estimates it has helped to prevent

thousands of unwanted litters

from being born in Hood County

by spaying & neutering homeless animals

and through spay/neuter initiatives.


We have all witnessed this in our community.

You are driving down the road and out of the corner of your eye you see a pitiful sight.... a frightened, emaciated, homeless animal scampering in a panic to find food, water, and a safe and warm place to hide at night. You pull over, get out of your car, and try and try again and again to help, but the poor baby is just too scared to come to you. Eventually, you have to make the decision to leave that homeless and once potentially faithful companion behind. You are gut wrenched not knowing what their final fate may be.

You CAN help!

Since 2013 HALO has continued to expand our spay/neuter initiatives.

 While HALO has helped many homeless companions, the demands greatly outweigh our resources. Through S.N.I.P. (Spay / Neuter Incentive Program), we provide spay/neuter & vaccinations to those that understand the importance of altering their companions, but have financial difficulties. Our goal is to reduce the amount of homeless animals in our community and help our faithful companions live happy, healthy, safe, & peaceful lives in the loving arms of a family.

Please donate now to S.N.I.P. through one of the buttons below or contact us via email.

Working together, we strive to eradicate the overabundance of unwanted and homeless animals in Hood County.

Thank you in advance for your kind heart!