All our available dogs are in foster homes.  We can only rescue as many as we have foster homes available.  If you are interested in becoming a HALO foster, contact Linda Oeller at 817-564-2085.


    Instructions for adopting a HALO companion animal:

  1. Complete & Email the Application or
  2. Phone the HALO representative listed on the pet's info.

       A HALO representative will contact you to arrange a visit.  

Available Companion Animals

Companions over 6 months of age:

  • Adoption fee: $120
  • Companion is up to date on vaccinations including rabies
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Heartworm tested
  • Cared for in a home with a loving family.


Puppies under 6 month of age:

  • Adoption fee: $120.
  • Puppy is wormed
  • Vaccination program implemented 
  • HALO will pay for all remaining vaccinations at the time of adoption including rabies & spay/neuter when ready
  • Puppy is cared for in a home with a loving family